BI/DWH Resources – Where to look for what

If there is one question I have been asked more often that any other in my professional career it is: “Where can I learn more about BI/DWH”? So here goes – these are my recommendations, feel free to add yours!


There are quite a few choices here, but I have consciously avoided any vendor-specific books and have tried to incorporate a selection that encompasses the entire gamut of the BI space

1. The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit by Kimball, Reeves, Ross & Thorhthwaite
2. Building The Data Warehouse by Bill Inmon
3. Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications By Larissa T. Moss, Shaku Atre
4. Business Intelligence: The Savvy Managers Guide
5. Competing on analytics by Thomas H. Davenport
6. Information Dashboard Design – Stephen Few
7. “The Mythical Man Month” by Frederick Brooks.
8. Mastering Data Warehouse Design: Relational and Dimensional Techniques – Claudia Imhoff
9. Building a BI Architecture fit for the 21st Century – Jon Page
10. “Agile Data Warehousing” by Ralph Hughes


I am sure many may disagree with me, but these are the sites I use most often (in no particular order)

1. BI Network
2. TDWI 
3. ITToolbox for DWH and ITToolbox for BI
4. DM Review
5. Kimball
6. Intelligent Enterprise
7. BI
8. DW infocenter

White Papers and others:

Daniel Lemire

While these are good as guides and references, nothing can replace someone actually sitting with you for some time and walking you through an introduction, provided you follow up by actually working on a project to implement what you have learnt

Have a good day!